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Step 1: This ordinarily needs just once sitting for a brief period of at intervals half-hour. Meeting of clients shall be strictly by appointments. Fixed through a visit, letter, or by phone.

Step 2: When a consumer calls over the phone, his name, and phone number are entered within the calls register by the Manager and registers the requirement of the client manually. The Lawyer/staff needed are going to be connected to the telephone call.

Step 3: After the decision is over, the person who attended the call registers suitable entries in the Clients’ Advice Register (Form 2) the required work as assigned to the person concerned by the Manager (services) by associate repose workplace Memo (Form 3). The person who has been assigned the work has to maintain a Day Book (form 4) wherein all details of the work done by him, on a particular day are to be registered. Contact us for any legal assistance in Civil Cases, Criminal Cases, Property Cases, Family Cases, Divorce Cases, Cyber Crime cases, Custody Cases, Corporate company cases, Immigration and Marriage Registration services.

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