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Best Advocates In Coimbatore & Chennai


The Best senior lawyers and advocates in Coimbatore work for the DC Law Firm. We are Coimbatore's top attorneys for divorce, family law, and defense lawyer. Attorney Divya Chandran, who teaches law in Coimbatore and Chennai, has between fifteen and twenty years of expertise. To customers in Coimbatore and the neighborhood. She is skilled in offer the best legal help for civil cases, criminal cases, property cases, divorce cases, domestic disputes, and marriage registration. She offers consultation services over the phone. Through video calls, and through other internet channels besides to in-person office visits. For the best and most cheap legal help, get in touch with her attorney Divya Chandran.

Best Lawyers and Advocates in Coimbatore

Best Lawyers In Coimbatore & Chennai

Family case lawyers

Our Family case lawyers in Coimbatore and Chennai understand that clients going through divorce or custody proceedings need someone they can rely on, someone who will protect their interests no matter what

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best senior lawyers

The best senior lawyers of DC Law Firms are dedicated to defending the rights of the accused and our criminal defence lawyers in Coimbatore and Chennai are committed to the presumption of innocence.

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Corporate Lawyers

Corporate Lawyers work with the formation, owning, operating and managing of a large or medium sized corporation. Our topmost Corporate Advocates in Coimbatore offers the best legal solutions for your Company needs.

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civil lawyer

Our leading civil lawyer in Coimbatore and Chennai have immense experience and understanding of the practicalities involved in confirming with the applicable property and real estate laws. Hence we are famous for handling individual property issues & real estate matters in and around of Coimbatore.

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The plaintiff who files the case should file all the documents to support his case. Once his case is numbered, the court will ask the opposite party (defendant) to appear in the court on a particular date through a written order called Summons.

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Divorce law is a law specialization which is also referred to as DC Law. Our marriage Divorce advocates in Coimbatore and Chennai work exclusively in civil law, representing only one side involved in divorce proceedings. They work on related things, such as child custody disputes, wills, trusts and leases

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My divorce and custody matter which I was fighting against my ex-husband.I come from a normal family bt my husband was a rich person and he bribed whom ever I hired to fight my case and I had no clue what to do.Then a frnd of mine suggested me to search for lawyers in online there I got number of different advocate.

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Anitha Jayshree


divya mam is an outstanding professional lawyer. Appreciate her tactful and prompt action when i needed the most. I will always be thankful to her giving me fresh lease of live.

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Amaravathi Arumugam


adv.divya mam is a master strategist and one of the few professionals who breaks down everything so the client can truly understand what's happening at every stage of a case. I am thoroughly satisfied with Adv. divya mam outstanding work on my case. The cherry on the cake is, of course, her ability to grasp the situation at hand immediately and offer a client a quick and realistic way forward.

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Murugan Samy



Best Lawyers and Advocates in Coimbatore and Chennai

The lawyers provide legal advice, service and protection and not just enforcement. As a lawyer, you can get a perspective on how the system works and also help people get justice for their rights. You can also specialize in a specific area of law to become an expert in a particular area. Lawyers can work in different kinds of areas such as the civil courts, the criminal courts and the Magistrates Courts, the District Court and the High Court. The civil courts are meant to settle cases involving contracts. They are also known as "Housing Disputes Courts" where disputes related to housing problems, property rights or tenancy matters can be resolved.

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