Coimbatore-based Advocate Divya Chandran has around fifteen to twenty years of experience in rendering excellent legal solutions for people in Coimbatore and surrounding areas. She is well-versed in providing the best legal aid for Civil Cases, Criminal Cases, Property Cases, Divorce Cases, Domestic Matters and Marriage Registration. Apart from direct office visits, she also provides consultation service via the phone, video calls and other online modes. Contact her Advocate Divya Chandran for getting the best and affordable legal aid.

Best family advocate in Coimbatore


Our Family case lawyers in Coimbatore understand that clients going through divorce or custody proceedings need someone they can rely on, someone who will protect their interests no matter what

criminal advocates in Coimbatore

Criminal Lawyer

The best senior lawyers of DC Law Firm are dedicated to defending the rights of the accused and our criminal defence lawyers in Coimbatore are committed to the presumption of innocence.

best corporate lawyers in Coimbatore

Corporate Lawyer

Corporate Lawyers works with the formation, owning, operating and managing of a large or medium sized corporation. Our topmost Corporate Advocates in Coimbatore offers the best legal solutions for your Company needs.

Best Civil Lawyers in Coimbatore

Civil Lawyer

Our leading civil lawyer in Coimbatore have immense experience and understanding of the practicalities involved in confirming with the applicable property and real estate laws. Hence we are famous for handling individual property issues & real estate matters in and around of Coimbatore.

property advocates in coimbatore

Property Lawyer

Property law is the law that is in common legal system which deals with the various forms of ownership in real properties and in Individual properties. DC Law Firm is wellknown recognized for the best Property Advocates in Coimbatore.

best custody lawyers in coimbatore

Divorce Lawyer

Divorce law is a law specialization which is also referred to as DC Law. Our marriage Divorce advocates in Coimbatore work exclusively in civil law, representing only one side involved in divorce proceedings. They work on related things, such as child custody disputes, wills, trusts and leases

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